Elizabeth Colazo, Figurative-Realist artist of Argentine nationality. Born in 1974 in Jesús María, Córdoba, a town where the simple and quiet life along with the connection with nature is what she treasured most.

Her representations are full of inner growth where the spiritual world is reflected through her artistic expression.

Her involvement in art started 30 years ago in a drawing and painting atelier, her attendance to various artistic workshop allowed her to learn different techniques for work on various surfaces.

Later, she attended oil on canvas classes for several years with a renowned plastic artist from Córdoba, Argentina. Subsequently, she carried out commercial art and design ventures her country. Including the participation in individual and group exhibitions in Jesús María, Córdoba, Argentina.

Upon immigrating to the United States in 2017, her new life experiences were captured on her artistic canvases.

Elizabeth was part of Galería Carey in Barcelona, Spain. Participating in exhibitions in other parts of Europe, such as Córdoba, Spain, Italy and Crete, Greece. She also exhibited in Oaxaca, Mexico at Galleria Santo Tomas.

In Miami, she has participated in successive events starting in 2022 even exhibiting on a digital billboard in Times Square, New York.

She currently exhibits permanently at Futurama 1637 Art Galleries, Miami, Florida.

I’m focused on reflecting my inner growth, seeking to unite my spiritual path with my artistic expression. I seek to awaken in the viewer the innate emotions of human beings, those that sometimes remain dormant, such as innocence, calm or amazement.

I am interested in exploring the world of sensations through the different application of colors and images. Inviting the viewer to travel to the vast world of everyday life where inspiration in life itself prevails, reflecting what is simple, but at the same time profound.